9You must create a caloric deficit in order to lose fat, meaning that more calories must be spent than consumed on a daily basis. The deficit necessary for one pound of fat loss is 3500 calories.

The activity that is necessary to burn 3500 calories is equivalent to approximately 40 miles of jogging! However, you should not focus on calories burned during exercise (very little!) but on calories burned as a result of exercise. For every pound of muscle that you build through the highly efficient ExerMedic training, your body will burn about 70 extra calories per day, just by being there! This means that if you build 5-7 pounds of muscle you will burn up to 500 calories per day. In a week that amounts to 3500 calories. That is 40 miles worth of jogging without really running a single mile!

The average person loses about half a pound of muscle per year after age 25. This means that if you are over forty you most likely have 5 pounds or more to re-build. Muscle loss is the reason why the metabolism slows down and it becomes very difficult to lose fat.

An ExerMedic training program is a much more time-efficient and effective way to burn calories.

At ExerMedic you will also receive important dietary guidelines to ensure you will lose unwanted fat.