pregnancyThe physiologic demands of pregnancy on the mother are considerable, and labor is probably the most demanding activity a mother will ever go through. If an athlete knew that the most demanding event of her life was approaching in 8 or 9 months, don’t you think that she would prepare for that event through proper conditioning?During labor, a woman will experience high-intensity muscular contractions and extreme exertional discomfort. She will be asked to avoid holding her breath, and to relax her face and ventilate through these intense contractions.

The ease of her delivery will be directly proportional to her muscular and metabolic condition. Poor muscular conditioning is the most common cause of non-progressive labor, fetal distress and need for emergent C-section. Sadly, most women do not condition well for pregnancy. In fact, most women avoid exertion of any type and become grossly deconditioned during their pregnancy. Such a situation makes labor much riskier for the mother and the neonate, and makes it almost impossible for the mother to re-acquire her pre-pregnancy figure.

The ExerMedic Training Program literally has more to offer the expectant mother than it has to offer any other type of athlete.