“If people in general knew and understood what ExerMedic can do for them, we would have thousands of people standing outside banging at the door, wanting to get in now!”

Jorgen Albrechtsen, Founder & President of ExerMedic

Jorgen Albrechtsen

Jorgen Albrechtsen

Q&A with ExerMedic

By Michelle Fernandez

We went down to the new ExerMedic headquarters in Creekside Corners. It is located in the new plaza at the corner of Immokalee Rd. and Goodlette-Frank Rd. We came to interview Jorgen Albrechtsen, the founder of this new concept.

Jorgen, what is ExerMedic?

It is a scientifically based unique physical program that will greatly benefit a lot of medical conditions.

This has never been done before. We have created the most productive, non-invasive, non-medicine, medically approved, physical program ever.

You will be working with doctors and medical professionals?

Often doctors suggest to patients that they should do some sort of moderate exercise for an hour or more every day. Apart from the fact that it is practically impossible and undesirable for most people, it is also not very productive.

Why not?

Productive exercise must be short and intense and with ample recovery time in between sessions. ExerMedic is about 1-2 short sessions a week. Always one on one, with no one else present. All in a very safe and totally supervised environment.

What conditions will benefit from the ExerMedic program?

A lot: Diabetes, Back and Neck Pain, Osteoporosis, Rehabilitation, and the list goes on.

What about fat loss?

Yes, indeed. As you age, you lose muscle tissue, and muscle tissue needs to burn calories to exist even at resting. You don’t burn many calories while exercising, but if we put 5 pounds of muscle on your body, that would burn 10,000 calories per month without you doing anything!

Can ExerMedic be used for exercise and fitness?

Absolutely, it is the best. You don’t need to suffer from any condition in order to benefit from ExerMedic. 1-2 short sessions a week will bring you in excellent shape and keep you there.

Can anyone benefit from this, regardless of age?

Definitely ! Our oldest member is 102 years old with artificial hips and knees.

Are you planning to expand?

Yes, we are going to franchise and license ExerMedic around the world. To doctors and medical professionals, but also to people in general who are interested in starting a rewarding business. We provide all the training and all the tools.

How can people get more information or try it out?

We offer a free orientation and session for everyone. Just call us to schedule.



1514 Immokalee Road, Suite 112

Naples, FL 34110

Tel. 239-260-7673

Web: www.exermedic.com