12Can I use ExerMedic for general fitness training?

Absolutely! There is nothing more effective.
Don’t waste your time spending hours in the gym every week and get far fewer results than you could have achieved.

The reason why 1 to 2 brief sessions a week with the ExerMedic program is enough is because of its the unique high intensity.
This unique high intensity is achieved by lifting the weight slowly in 10 seconds and lowering it in 10 seconds. This forces the muscles to work in the full range of motion without inertia and is completely safe.

A weight is chosen that will get you to the point of complete muscular exhaustion in any of the exercises within 1.5 and 2.5 minutes. When you get stronger, the weight is increased, so you will always be working within that time range.
You move quickly from exercise to exercise which gives the body a total high intensity impact. No waiting time. It is only you and the instructor in the room and you are supervised 100% from beginning until end, every time, always.

It is important to note that the body perceives all form of exercise as an attack. The body thinks “If I am being attacked again, I’d better be stronger, more fit and better prepared”. To repeat something that is already easy will not make any dramatic changes to your body or fitness level. The stronger the impact, the better the body will respond. Endless repetitions of something will only wear down your joints and ligaments and give you very limited results.

When you have given the body the necessary stimulus to improve, it must be given time to allow all the chemical responses to happen. That is why 1 to 2 brief personal and private workouts a week is not just enough, it is optimal.

What about cardio? Don’t you have to do some other activities for that? No. Absolutely not. ExerMedic is the best cardio workout you can get. Really? Yes, read on:

When people engage in physical activity over time and are not so much out of breath, they normally conclude it is because their heart and lung capacity has improved. However, your heart and lungs are put in your body to support the muscular system, not the other way around. What is actually happening is that the involved muscles are getting stronger, allowing you to do more work before heart and lungs are protesting.
The definition of cardio is the muscles ability to take up oxygen from the blood. Stronger muscles will put more demand on the body’s transportation system which increases the cardiovascular efficiency.

It is sad that so many people have spent years doing activities that at best give them limited results and at worst leave them with several injuries.

Call for a free introductory session at ExerMedic, and the way you view exercise and fitness will be forever changed.