arthritisArthritis is a broad term referring to greater than 100 rheumatic diseases. It affects people of all ages, genders, and ethnic groups. Arthritis is second only to cardiovascular disease as a leading cause of disability in the United States. Of the many types of arthritis, osteoarthritis (a degenerative joint disease) and rheumatoid arthritis (an inflammatory disorder affecting multiple joints) are the two most prevalent types.

Rest is best???  There is a common misconception in the medical community that exercise is not feasible in the treatment of arthritis. Research has made it clear that the right types of exercise, performed correctly, in fact restore people’s function while dramatically decreasing their pain.

arthritis2Benefits of the ExerMedic program include strengthening muscle groups around affected joints, offering protection and stabilization of affected joints, improved shock absorption, and reduction of mechanical stresses that hasten cartilage degeneration.

The program should incorporate all major muscle groups, not just those supporting joints affected with arthritis.
Everything is in a safe, pleasant environment and always one-on-one.